5 Great Reasons to Visit a Natural History Museum

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I love museums! One of my goals is to visit a few local museums that I have never been to. One of the museums I visited was The Academy of Natural Sciences, part of Drexel University, in Philadelphia. The museum in located in the heart of “Museum Mile” in Philadelphia. It is conviently located near The Franklin Institute, the Barnes Foundation Museum, the Rodin Museum, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Here are my top 5 reasons to visit your local natural history museum.
1. Dinosaur bones! Who doesn’t love to see life size dinosaur bones? It’s amazing to think that these giant creatures walked the same Earth that we do today.

2. World Travel in less than a day! Looking at all the diorama displays of animals in their natural habitats is like traveling the world in one afternoon. How else can you visit every continent in less than a day?



3. Get up close and personal! Where else can you get this close to a lion? Even a visit to your local Zoo doesn’t gaureentee this great of a view.


4. The Art! Yes, this is an art. The Natural History Museum in Philadelphia has an exihibit on how the dioramas are created. It’s fascinating to see the detail that goes into preparing the animals and painting the scene that will be the animals new home.


5. Look up, look down, look all around! The Academy of Natural Sciences Museum in Philadelphia has an entire room filled with live butterflies. The exhibit recreates the enviorment that makes these beautiful creatures thrive. The room is filled with various kinds of plants and the butterflies fly all around you. Watch out though because one of these little creatures may just take a little break on your shoulder.


Natural History Museums make SCIENCE FUN!

As I walked through the museum, I thought what a great place to bring your kids and a sketchbook. Take a seat and let your kiddo’s draw all that they see! It’s also a fantastic way to experience STEAM in action.

What museums have you visited this summer? 
What is your favorite museum to visit with your kids?

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