Art and Music match game!

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As a member of The Barnes Foundation’s Contemporaries group, I am fortunate to be part of some incredible learning experiences. Recently, we were asked to share what songs we were reminded of when looking at the collection. The collection is vast and I choose three of my favorite works and paired them with three of my favorite songs.

I love this little painting by my favorite artist Georges Seurat. “The Ladies’ Man” pairs with Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” for me.

Seurat's Ladies Man


Philadelphia born and PAFA educated artist William James Glacken’s “The Bathing Hour” reminds me of another Philadelphia born and raised duo, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s “Summertime.”



I love artist Amadeo Modigliani’s portraits. My favorite has always been “Redheaded Girl in Evening Dress.” There is so much debt behind her eyes that makes me wonder what she is hiding. The song “Brilliant Disguise” by Bruce Springsteen pairs with this so easily for me.

Red headed woman in dress



I thought this exercise was brilliant! It is something that brings the collection home to the viewer, who may not be in tune (pun intended) to the history of the individual paintings. This is a task that could easily translate to your own classroom or child at home. You can go to any major museums website and find images of their works, Google Cultural Institute to find images or click on the link to see images from The Barnes Foundation’s website.

*All images care of The Barnes Foundation


What artworks and songs do you think pair well together? 

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