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One of the things I enjoy doing to introduce my students to artists is to make an iMovie. About 2 summers ago, I took an iMovie class at the local Apple store and loved it! It’s a great way to excite the kids about a new lesson and teach art history in a fun way. None of the iMovies are ever very long, usually under 5 minutes.  I like to include biographical information about the artist, images of the artist, images of the artists work, and I try to relate the artist to something my students already know. If I can find live footage of the artist working or speaking, I put that in the video as well.
Once I gather some of this basic information, then the fun part begins! Background music, cool transitions, fancy fonts, and even my own voice doing the narration, gets added. All the things that can turn it into an exciting video. I can spend hours on some of these videos because I find the process pretty cool myself, but most are complete in under an hour. It’s decent amount of time to spend in the outset, but it ensures that each class receives the same information at the start and I have them saved to use them again the next year.

After we watch the videos, we go back and discuss many of the artworks in depth. I think the videos make the discussions much more interesting because all the kids are hooked in from the start.

Here is a video I made about artist Robert Indiana. The music for the background is Faith Hill singing, “Love is a Sweet Thing” which seemed like a great fit for Indiana’s LOVE sculptures that we were learning about. The song was spliced together for the background music, so as to focus on the word love most often.

BTW: I do not own copyright for any of the images or music in the video. It was all made and used for educational purposes.

How do you “hook” your students in when introducing a new lesson? 

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