Art Term Tuesday-SPACE

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Today’s Art Term is SPACE. Space along with the other words we have learned so far, is an Element of Art.

Space can be positive or negative, two-dimensional or three-dimensional.  Positive space refers to the main shapes in a picture while negative space is the area around the shapes. 

Artists try to create the illusion of space in 2-dimensional artwork.  There are various ways of doing this. Layering and overlapping objects creates the illusion of space. The object on top of the others is closer to the viewer.  Creating an object larger than another object also gives the illusion of space.  The farther something is away from us the smaller it looks.

Artists can also create the illusion of space utilizing linear perspective. Linear Perspective uses lines and vanishing points to create the illusion of space. Artists and architects often use this mathematical technique.

This painting by artist Camille Pissarro is a good example of linear perspective.

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