Art Term Tuesday – TEXTURE

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Todays Art Term is TEXTURE. Along with line, shape, and color, texture, is an Element of Art.
Texture is how something feels or how something looks like it feels. Texture is described in words as soft, rough, smooth, slippery, or scratchy for example.

In the case of a 2-dimensional artwork, the artist creates texture on a flat surface. 

Look at this artwork by Albrecht Durer entitled Rhinoceros created in 1515. Durer used repeated types of line to create a visual texture to represent the rough shell of the rhinoceros. 
Here is another artwork by Durer entitled Young Hare painted in 1502 that exemplifies the soft fur of the rabbit.

In 3-dimensional artwork the artist creates surface texture on the sculpture. The artist creates texture on the surface of the object or sculpture so that when you touch the object, you can feel the texture.
Here is a great quote about texture by John Sloan. “There is a better chance of getting an exciting painting from a laboured study with texture than from a fine drawing without it.” 

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