Day at the museum

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Spent Saturday at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I have been to this museum countless times to view the various collections and traveling exhibitions that come through.  

This time I took a second look at Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers painting.  Vincent painted 12 versions of sunflowers during his lifetime.  The most famous of these are the 7 he painted while living in the “Yellow House” in Arles, France.  Vincent wanted to create a “studio of the south” in Arles and invited his painter friend, Paul Gauguin, to live and paint with him in the house.  Vincent created these painting to decorate the house before his friend Paul arrived. Gauguin did move in with Vincent in the Fall of 188 and stayed just 2 months, until Vincent and such a tumultuous fight that Vincent cut off a small part of his ear!  That was all Paul needed to leave and Vincents dream of creating an artist community with his dear friend ended.  
Vincent van Gogh created thick brush stokes on his paintings.  Looking at his work in person, you can feel the ferocity that he painted with.  I took a close up photograph to show the thickness of his paint.   Awesome!

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