Earth Day Art Project

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Tomorrow, April 22 is Earth Day.  Earth Day was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, as a time to educate the public about the environment.  

This year I am creating a recycled, found object assemblage with my students in honor of Earth Day.  We have been learning about artist Leo Sewell (Torch by Sewell included) and his assemblage art.  Our project is an American flag.  The students have been bringing in red, white, and blue objects for a few weeks and depositing them into our color coded bins.  

Tomorrow, each student in the school will glue one found object onto the flag.   I’m excited to see what they create and I will be posting photos once it is complete.

You can create a similar project with your kids.  Have them find small objects that are red, white, or blue around the house and glue onto a pre-made cardboard flag.  Kids can also take recycled objects and glue together into an abstract sculpture.  Many times what we may seem as abstract, may be completely “real’ too a child.  Kids can also go outside and find leaves, sticks, twigs, grass etc and combine into a beautiful assemblage.  It’s amazing what kids can come up with.  

In fact, I suggest you join them! Gather some supplies of your own and let your imagination run wild too.  At first it may seem difficult, but once you break through that barrier, your ideas will rush out.  Your kids will love getting to do something special with you and I bet you will even amaze yourself!

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