Hi, my name is Georgia and I love art.  I have three friends that love art too, Maya, Jacob and Jose.  I love to see art, I love to make art and I love to learn about art.  I love to make art with paper, crayons, scissors, paint, and clay.  I love to make art with anything I can find!  Do you love to make art too?

One of my favorite places to visit is an art museum with my Maya, Jacob and Jose.  Do you know what an art museum is?  An art museum is a building that houses art.  Art museums have hundreds of pieces of art that an artist used their imagination to create.  Do you know what imagination is?  Your imagination is your mind!  We all have an imagination and artists use their imagination a lot.

When I look at art, my imagination gives me all kinds of ideas of things to make with my art supplies.  Do you ever look at something and get an idea in your mind? That’s imagination!

Do you want to use our imagination together?

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