Happy Birthday Horace Pippin!

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Horace Pippin was born on February 22, 1888 in West Chester, Pennsylvania.
Horace Pippin went to art school at the Barnes Foundation but was primarily self-taught.
Horace Pippin was part of the following art movement: Folk Art
Horace Pippin’s most famous painting is the West Chester Court House painted in 1940.
Three interesting facts about Horace Pippin:
1. Pippin choose to paint things he knew best, simple scenes of every day life.
2. While serving in World War l, Pippin lost the use of his right arm.
3. Pippins grandparents were slaves and his parents were domestic workers.
Horace Pippin died on July 6, 1946 in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Quote: “My opinion of art is that a man should have love for it, because my idea is that he paints from his heart and mind.”

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