Happy Birthday Josef Albers!

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Josef Albers was born on March 19, 1888 in Bottrop, Germany.
Josef Albers went to art school at the Weimar Bauhaus.
Josef Albers was part of the following art movement: DeStijl
Josef Albers most famous painting is Homage to the Square painted in 1965.

Three facts about Josef Albers:
1. Albers was a professor of art at the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College and Yale University.
2. While a professor at Black Mountain College, he taught fellow artists Robert Rauschenburg and Cy Twombly.
3. In 1971, Josef Albers established a not-for-profit organization to further “the revelation and evocation of vision through art.”
Josef Albers died on March 25, 1976.
Quote: “I prefer to see with closed eyes.”

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