Happy Birthday Marsden Hartley!

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Marsden Hartley was born on January 4, 1877  in Lewistown, Maine.

Marsden Hartley went to art school at Cleveland Institute of Art.
Marsden Hartley was part of the following art movement: American Modernism
Marsden Hartley’s most famous painting is Portrait of a German Officer painted in 1914.
Three interesting facts about Marsden Hartley:
1. Hartley also studied art at the National Academy of Design and the Arts Students League both in New York City.
2. Hartley spent most of his life living and painting in many locations throughout the United States.
3. Along with being a painter, Hartley wrote poems, essays and stories.
Marsden Hartley died on September 2, 1943 in Ellsworth, Maine.
Quote: “I harp always on the ‘idea’ of life as I dwell perpetually on the existence of the moment.”

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