Happy Birthday Paul Signac!

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Paul Signac, a French painter, was born on November 11, 1863 in Paris, France.
Signac had no formal art training. 
Signac was part of the following art movement: Neo-Impressionism
Signac’s most famous work is Portrait of Felix Feneon painted in 1890.
Three interesting facts about Signac:

1. Signac published From Delacroix to Neo-Impressionism in 1899 to explain his artistic theories.
2. Signac was one of the founders of Pointillism along with Georges Seurat.
3. Later in his life, Signac moved away from Pointillism and began painting with small squares of color rather than dots.
Signac died on August 15, 1935 in Paris, France.
Quote: “The golden age has not passed; it lies in the future.” 

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