Happy Birthday Piet Mondrian!

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Piet Mondrian was born on March 7, 1872 in Amersfoort, Netherlands.
Piet Mondrian went to art school at the Academy of Fine Arts.
Piet Mondrian was part of the following art movement: DeStijl
Piet Mondrian most famous painting is Broadway Boogie Woogie painted in 1944.

Three facts about Piet Mondrian:
1. Mondrian’s father was a drawing teacher.
2. Mondrian loved painting using the 3 primary colors (red, yellow and blue) with black and white.
3. Mondrian was part of the De Stijl movement in art. De Stijl means “the style” in Dutch.
Piet Mondrian died on February 3, 1944.
Quote: “Art is not made for anybody and is, at the same time, for everybody.

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