Free Art Lesson-Winter Ice Castle

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Ice Castle title

Need an easy winter lesson for your kiddo’s? Here is a oil pastel resist castle painting using basic simple shapes and fun materials.



Pencil and paper

Oil Pastels

Watercolors and brushes (metallics preferred)

White Tempera paint

Metallic Markers

Step 1

Ice Castle step 1


Draw the castle.

Draw a large square in the center of the paper. Draw two large rectangles on each side of the square. Draw the tops of the rectangles by making ovals with pointy tops (like a Hershey Kiss). Add rectangles for doors, windows and bricks. Color over all pencil lines with oil pastels. Fill in tops of castle and doors with oil pastels.


Step 2

Ice Castle step 2


Watercolor sky with metallic blue paint. The oil pastel will resist the watercolor. Watercolor the castle bricks with light blue metallic and watercolor the windows too!

Step 3

Ice Castle step 4


Paint white tempera paint on the top of the castle and windows to look like snow. Let painting dry. Then use metallic markers to draw in snowflakes and add any other details.

That’s it! What a fun, simple project for your kiddo’s to do this winter season! Here is another Winter themed lesson from The Primary Kids: Quilling + Martha Stewart Glitter = Beautiful,

What are some of your favorite Winter themed lessons to do with your kids? 


  1. Looks like fun! Reminds me of scenes from “Dr Zhivago”.

  2. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Love this! I was specifically looking for an ice castle my 2nd graders could do, to illustrate a winter carnival theme they are writing about. Fantastic, they’ll enjoy it so!

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