May Flowers, Bright Sunshine and Summertime…well, almost

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I can’t believe it’s May 1! Does anyone else feel as though the school year goes by faster and faster each year? While we still have a few very busy weeks of school left, today’s date, the sunny weather and this article by Theresa McGee in School Arts online made me think ahead to my goals for the summer. Each summer, I think of all these things I want to accomplish and each year August comes before you know it. 

While I don’t yet know what all my summer goals are, Theresa’s article reminded me of one of my goals…video lessons!  This summer I plan on making some video lessons to share with you, my blog readers, and also my students. As the article states, I think it would be a fun way for a substitute to teach one of your lessons with the students. 
I have also been wanting to create a video to show my students the rules, procedures, and locations of important items in the art room. Problem is, the beginning of the year is such a whirlwind that there is never enough time to set up my classroom, record and edit all these videos before the first student walks into my classroom. Then it hit me…do it NOW, before I have to box it up in June for summer cleaning. 
Some things may change a little, but the basic locations of major items in my classroom stay the same. How nice would it be to show a “Welcome to Art Class” video on the first day of each class, versus repeating myself 5 days in a row for every class that walks in?
Now, onto making the rest of my summer list…
What are your summer goals?

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