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Last night, I watched the Disney Pixar movie “Up” about a 78 year old man, Carl, and an 8 year old boy, Russell, who go on an adventure together up into the sky.

Click here for the film trailer.

The beginning of the movie starts with Carl as a little boy who’s enamored with an adventurer named Charles Munts. Carl meets a little girl named Ellie, who loves Munts too and is way more adventurous then he. Ellie, shows Carl a scrapbook she has made for herself entitled “My Adventure Book” that highlights the adventures she has had so far. The book also contains a page called “Stuff I’m Going To Do” followed by many blank pages that Ellie plans on filling with all her upcoming adventures.

Carl and Ellie get married and have grand plans of the adventures they will take together, until regular life gets in the way.

Watching Ellie light up about all that she has planned for her life got me thinking about mine. What were the adventures that I had for my life when I was 8? Did any of them happen? And if they didn’t, why?

One of my biggest dreams was to be New York City Rockette dancer. Years of tap dancing lessons with a teacher who was a former Rockette led to this dream. Just like with Ellie and Carl, life through me a couple unexpected curveballs along the way, and I never did get to be a Rockette.

So I ask you to think about the adventures you had planned for your life and talk to your kids about their adventures. Give them a blank sketchbook to draw or write about dreams they have. While you are at it…start your own adventure book! It’s never too late to begin creating adventures in your own life, no matter how old you are.

Now, off to purchase tickets to see the Rockettes in NYC…hey, I can still dream!

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