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You have probably heard people talking about a new website called “Pinterest” but until you start “pinning” you have no idea how fantastic it really is….and did I mention addicting?

If you are like me, you find inspirational images all over the internet. And you probably would have done what I did, bookmark the web page in your bookmarks bar and maybe even copy and paste the image you liked into a folder on your desktop with the hopes of remembering what website that image was from. But not anymore! Pinterest takes care of all that for you.
Pinterest is a website that allows you to “pin” images directly from websites that you like onto your bulletin “boards”. You can share your boards with your followers, view other people boards, and organize images based on categories that you create yourself. Every image that is “pinned” will take you back to the original website where it is located, awesome!
Here is an image of some of my “boards”

You can create boards for and topic you like…interior design, art, fashion, kids, food…and the list goes on. While I also have boards like these, as an art teacher I began creating boards with art lesson ideas, classroom management ideas, bulletin boards ideas, art videos for kids, children’s books and much more.
There are some other fantastic art teachers on Pinterest as well. One of my favorite pinners is Theresa McGee, an elementary art teacher from Chicago, a writer for School Arts magazine and one of the founders of The Teaching Palette. Theresa organizes boards down to the grade level of the lesson!
Check out Theresa’s boards.

Once you get the hang of Pinterest you will love it!

Follow me on Pinterest here and follow Theresa here.

Are you on Pinterest? Has it changed the way you organize website images? 

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