Spring Butterfly Lesson: Clay and Symmetry

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This is a great simple lesson that allows younger kiddo’s the chance to practice rolling a coil of clay and also practicing the concept of symmetry.
1. First make the clay body. You can use kiln fire clay or air dry clay. Teach the students how to roll a coil and add texture to the body with a paper clip or other clay tool.
2. Poke in eyes with a pointy clay tool.
3. Let dry.
4. To make the wings, have students fold a piece of aper in half and draw the wings on the fold.
5. Cut out the wings and unfold paper.
6. Paint paper with watercolors.
7. Paint dried clay with tempera paint.
8. Glue body to wings and add wire for antennae.
There are many ways to add color to the clay body and wings. If you don’t have watercolors, then use tempera paint for both. Have kiddo’s use markers to make patterns on the wings of the butterfly rather than painting.

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