Tempera Paint Pumpkin

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Pumpkin in tempera paint


*Draw a pumpkin.  The shape of a pumpkin is like a letter “C” and a backwards letter “C” put together. Add the gooves of the pumpkin. From the center to the left side of the pumpkin, the groove lines are like a letter “C” and from center to the right side of the pumpkin the groove lines are like a backwards letter “C.”

*Draw a stem on top of the pumpkin.  Draw a wavy vine from the stem and add leaves.  Add leaves to the bottom of the pumpkin so it looks like it is sitting on a pile of leaves. 

*Go over all pumpkin lines with orange crayon and all leaf lines with green crayon.

Draw a pumpkin as described here

Mix red and yellow tempera paint to make various oranges for your pumpkin

Remember to paint up and down on the pumpkin to keep the roundness of the pumpkin

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