Where the Wild Things Are?

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Here is a fun, short, one class crayon resist project to do with kids after reading Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are?”

Now that the movie version of WTWTA is in theaters this project will definitely be a hit!  
Draw a wild thing, in pencil, along with your students. Make a circle for the head, oval for the body, rounded rectangles for the arms and legs and pointy claws for the hands and feet.  Then add horns on top of the head and crazy spiky hair.  Finally add the face details, oval eyes, triangle nose and big spiky, wild, pointy teeth.
Then have students create patterns of lines and shapes to decorate the monster and background.  The students could also create a forrest background instead. Make sure you leave white paper space showing as that is where the watercolor will go.
Once everything is drawn in pencil, have the students go over every pencil line with crayon, making sure to push very hard.  The harder they push the crayon on to the paper to make the lines, the better the lines will show up once the paint is applied.
After all crayon is finished, take a big brush and very thinned out black or purple watercolor and paint the entire paper.  You can paint right over the crayon lines as the crayon will resist the paint! 

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